“How I Finally Put an End to My Frustrating Hearing Loss Problem….

And Best of All, How You Can Too!”

What’s the matter with you? Are you deaf or something?

Have you ever been completely frustrated by hearing that statement above.

Sure, perhaps when people say that to us they don’t necessarily mean us any harm, but if you hear it often and you struggle with your own hearing loss issues, then after a while, it starts to get under your skin a bit, doesn’t it?

Actually, after a while it can become downright hurtful at times, though perhaps non-intentionally. Well, if you are reading this right now, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’re also going to discover an incredible little device that allowed me to say goodbye to my hearing problems once and for all… and I’m excited to share it with you. It’s given me a new lease on life, and I KNOW it can do the same for you.

Read on…

For me, my hearing loss came from being a professional drummer for more than 14 years.

However, the truth is I’d been playing drums since I was 13 years old so by the time I had my ears tested because I knew there was problems, I’d been playing them for around 21 years.

It Drove Me Nuts!

And yes, I’d known all along that I was doing damage to them, but when you are passionate about something, sometimes you just want to ignore the repercussions of certain actions. I had tried playing with ear plugs for a time, however, it just drove me nuts!  I couldn’t hear the music well enough.

If you’re like me, the biggest challenge I have with my hearing is when I’m in crowded places, where many people might be talking at the same time. I could hear the sound of people and voices, but I simply couldn’t distinguish who was saying what, or if they were talking to me, or somebody else.

Everything was just like a “wash” of noise… with no distinction. It turns out I’d damaged my ears to the point where they couldn’t pick up certain pitches of sound. In fact, with some octaves, the damage is so bad, that I can’t pick up on them at all.

Do I have tinnitus? You bet I do. My ears have been constantly ringing for the last 10 years or so. Some days are worse than others, but of course, it’s always present.

Can you relate to that? I’m sure you can…

I’d simply just put up with it for many years, until one of the most embarrassing moments I’d every experienced in my life happened.

I’m sure my face must have turned about 50 shades of red that day… it was awful!

My Best Friends Wedding From Hell…

Not so long ago, my best friend since I was 19 years old asked me to be the best man at his wedding. Of course I said "yes"! He was my best friend for 27 years.

How could I possibly say no? He was a bit of a late bloomer I guess you could say… waiting until he was 46 years old to get married.

The event was spectacular and very nice until the inevitable had to happen, of course!

Yes, like most “best men”, I was expected to give a speech at the reception… that’s where the trouble all began. Not good. Not good at all…

Huh? What? Are You Talking To Me?

So there I was, sitting at the front of the hall, along with the rest of the wedding reception table… you know… just waiting for my name to be called to give my speech.

Looking around… waiting… when all of a sudden…

I got one of the biggest shakes of my life by one of the groomsmen!

He pulled my ear to his mouth and said, “Hey, you're up!”

Oh my God, I was so floored! I looked out at the crowd of people, and everybody… and I mean everybody… was laughing.

“Oh no”, I thought. My heart just sank. “Not today, Not today!”

My face? Oh yeah, 50 shades of red… I’m sure of it…

Of course, I went on and completely fumbled through my speech, but after that night, I told myself, “Never again, never ever, ever again!”

As I sit here writing this little letter I’m thinking to myself…

“If I could just save even a few people from the type of “red faced” embarrassment I’d experienced that day then I know I’ve done my job here…”

I do know this much. If you give this little gadget a try, I full out know you won’t be disappointed.

It’s really changed everything for me when it comes to being able to hear things clearly and concisely again.

I got lucky, I really did…

You see the MSA30X was the first device I tried, and it fit the bill perfectly!

Click HERE To see the MSA 30X now

MSA 30x

From the very first day that my MSA30X arrived, it’s been a *blessing*.

Once I had them in, I could hear everything so clearly! I was hearing things that I hadn’t heard in years… and I’m not kidding on that.

It was kind of like, “Whoah, why the hell didn’t I get some of these things years ago… what a difference!”

I’m very confident they will do the same for you as well, and they’re so inexpensive too. I could just slap myself for not looking for a solution to my problem earlier.

I can barely even notice they’re there…

I wasn’t too sure I’d be able to get use to wearing a hearing device, but after wearing these for only a day or so, I can’t even hardly tell they are there.

The MSA30X’s are very small, lightweight, and extremely comfortable… only 0.3 ounces!

Other benefits include:

  • 30x amplification – you’ll hear everything crystal clear!
  • Very small size – they’re barely visible
  • Rechargeable – no more batteries!
  • Adjustable volume control – easily adjust them to any situation

It’s just that easy!

I think I should also mention that at the present time, you can also get one included completely FREE as well.

That’s 2 for the price of one… you can’t beat that offer.

I really hope you decide to make the choice to save yourself some of the embarrassment that I’ve encountered through the years with my hearing loss problems.

And please, don’t ever show up for a wedding where you’ll be called upon to give a speech without them. It’s just not worth it!

Like I said earlier, I wish I’d made the move to try something like these a long time ago.

I’ve grown to love mine, and I’m sure you’ll love yours too!

All the best!
James Blake